Welcome and thank you for being interested in Mansfield Fencing Club.  Fencing is a great social sport which can be enjoyed at almost any age and we would love for you to come along and see us.

We provide all the specialist equipment required, so all you need is some comfy sports clothes and trainers and you’re ready to go!

Our sessions are on Tuesdays (during term time) in the sports hall of The Samworth Church Academy school.
Juniors (8 – 13 years) from 5:45PM – 7:15PM
Seniors (over 14’s and adults) from 7:15PM – 8:45PM.

During a typical session we warm up with activities and games before stretching. We then either proceed to fence each other or have tuition from the coach (individually or as a group).  Each week is different and our coach keeps things varied.

You are welcome to come along to one of our sessions at any time, but to fence with the club, you will need to complete beginners training or already have experience in fencing.  There are two main ways to do this, but please feel free to contact us to discuss what may be best for you.

Note: if you are interested in attending, please inform us as the schools doors are locked as standard.

The Beginners Course

We aim to run a few beginners courses throughout the year, so that a small group whom are at the same beginner level can start together.  We find most people prefer this option, however, if you prefer not to wait, we can offer individual beginner sessions as well.

The beginner course is a 6 week induction to fencing, during which, you will learn basic fencing positions, techniques and safety elements.  After successfully completing the course, you will be presented with your certificate and be ready to fence confidently and safely.

A senior beginner course is £50 (Ages 14 and over incl. adults)
A junior beginner course is £30 (Ages 8 – 13)

Note: if there is a group of you interested, we can offer a discounted rate. 

If you are interested in registering for our beginners course, or if you have any other questions, please contact us here.