We are a friendly fencing club based in Mansfield with a diverse age range and skill level.  We are always eager to meet new people, so if you are interested, whatever your age or skill level, you are welcome to come along!

For more information, please see our beginners page or contact us.

With thanks to our partner The Samworth Church Academy.

Corona-virus (COVID-19) Notice

Please note, that in line with Governmental and British Fencing guidance, the club is now closed until further notice.

Although members may cancel their monthly payments, some will maintain these payments and the club is very grateful where this is the case. As a non-for-profit community club, any membership / session payments made during this period will be used to supply new equipment upon our re-opening.

We would like the take the oppertunity to thank all members and visitors for visiting and contributing to the club. We would also like to thank our coach, for his continued efforts.

We look forward to re-opening the club again in the future when guidance permits. Until then, we wish you all the very best and hope you and your family’s all keep well and safe during this troubled time.

Many thanks,

Brett – Mansfield Fencing Club (Acting Chair)